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National News For MARF!

The Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation is getting major accolades this week. A public service announcement has been placed in the December 6th edition of the National Enquirer.

“I am thrilled to announce that, thanks to the tireless efforts of a dedicated Foundation member the National Enquirer has published a full page announcement featuring mesothelioma and the Meso Foundation,” writes Kathy Wiedemer in a recent mailing to supporters of the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation.

The Executive Director goes on to tell readers the edition is currently on sale. “We are grateful for this incredible opportunity  to bring mesothelioma to the spotlight and look forward to the increased awareness that this type of exposure provides.”

This significant addition to the work of the Meso Foundation comes on the heels of a few other major developments within the organization in the last year.

Weidemer accepted the position as Executive Director and gallantly lead the Meso Foundation into it’s annual Symposium in June of 2010.

Great strides were made in many states to make September 26th Mesothelioma Awareness Day. According to a list created by the Meso Foundation, the House passed a resolution to acknowledge a national Mesothelioma Awareness Day. The national day has since lost momentum and some of the state legislators who were in support of the HR771 lost their seats in the recent election.

More and more races titled Miles for Meso are popping up around the country. According to the South Florida Miles for Meso website registration has just opened.

In the coming weeks the Meso Foundation public service announcement will appear in Enquirer, Globe & Star magazines.


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