Standing Cyclist Rides For Meso

Frank Cavaluzzi rode a custom bicycle, in a standing riding position. The frame was modified to prevent the possible use of a seat in route. Another unique feature of this bicycle was a single-speed, fixed-gear drivetrain. In simple terms, the bike could not coast. When the wheels were spinning, the rider’s legs were spinning. The route was primarily off-road and followed along the Great Alleghany Passage and C&O Canal Towpath trail systems. End-to-end these two trails total 320+ miles and connect the Pittsburgh area to central DC. Frank covered between 40 and 60 miles of off-road terrain per day, for 7 days, carrying food, water and camping gear. There were several stops along the way for chats about the cause and media coverage.

Frank on his ride around Lake Champlain

*This now complete and available above* … Please stay tuned for our latest Victory! Frank A Cavaluzzi will be riding his no-seater from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington DC to help bring recognition to Mesothelioma.

For now you can check out his plans at , fan him on Facebook group, or look for all our updates here.

And here is a story I shot and edited on Frank last year…

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