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Asbestos Awareness Week

National Asbestos Awareness Week Begins Today!

Despite its well-documented dangers, you may be shocked to learn that asbestos has yet to be banned in the United States. Doctors, scientists, and the U.S. Surgeon General all agree that asbestos is a carcinogen and there is no safe level of exposure. ADAO (Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization) is fighting to implement a global ban on asbestos.

April 1st marks the first day of National Asbestos Awareness Week. Every day this week (from April 1 – 7), ADAO will empower the public with information on asbestos and its commercial use; how to prevent exposure in homes, schools, and in workplaces; early warning symptoms and medical treatment options; and clarify that asbestos is not a banned product in the United States and is still be using in common household products.  Knowledge is stronger than asbestos.

We are making Progress ~ Larry Davis, Miles for Meso

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