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FL Running Scholarship In Honor of Pompano Resident Larry Davis

Pompano Beach, FL:  It’s been an extremely difficult month for Florida runner, Larry Davis. He’s been battling Mesothelioma Cancer for 6 years. He’s struggled through numerous surgeries, misdiagnosis and ineffective treatments.

But for the last few weeks Larry has been laid up at home relying on his devoted wife to care for his [almost] every need. He’s becoming weak and weaker as the days wear on.

A steady stream of local friends and family from around the country have kept his spirits up. Another source of great pleasure is this new scholarship created by the wonderful people at the Runner’s Edge & Runner’s Edge Foundation.

Tom Vladimir, a good friend and runner, has been instrumental in starting such a generous program. The scholarship is available for a Broward or Palm Beach county high school senior, involved in his or her community and enjoys running. For more information on applying for the scholarship you can go to

For those of you interested in donating to the scholarship please go to either  or

Many thanks for all of your continued support!! CD

 Page 1 of application:

Larry Davis Scholarship Application

(please use any additional pages as needed)

This scholarship will be given in the name of friend and fellow runner, Larry Davis. Larry is currently battling a devastating disease called Mesothelioma Cancer. It is deadly and there is no cure. One of the many things that has kept Larry focused on life through these difficult times has been his love of running. He ran track throughout high school, began running marathons in the late 70’s and has run the country’s most prestigious, Boston, New York, numerous times. Until recently he continued to compete in races around South Florida, winning in his division. Now he directs a charitable race to raise money and awareness of a cancer that kills many hard working Americans every year. Larry’s life and drive have largely revolved around his fondness to take to the streets in his favorite sneakers, and with this scholarship we hope to help a fund another runner find their passion.

1. Name:____________________________________________________(First Middle Last)

2. Date of Application: ___/___/___

3. Phone Number: (____)______________

4. Applicant’s Email Address: _________________________

5. Parent’s Email Address: ___________________________

6. Home address:____________________________________________________________ Number and Street /City/Zip (Include Apt. Number, if any)

7. Male ___ Female ___ 8. Date of Birth: ___/___/___ 9. Are you a U.S. Citizen? Yes__ No __

10. Resident of Palm Beach/Broward County since: ____/____ Month Year

11. Name of the high school you attend _____________________________________________

12. Month/Year graduation: ___/___ 13. Grade Point Average _____ 14. Honors GPA ______

15. College you plan to attend?_________________ 16. Already accepted (Yes/No)_________

17. Date you plan to attend college:_____/_____ Month/Year

18. Supply the name, address and phone number of three individuals you would like to serve as a reference: (At least one must be an individual from outside of your school).




(click here to see the whole application)

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