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Cancer, The Leading Cause of Death in NC

Story ripped from News 14 Carolina, a Time Warner cable news program.

RALEIGH — The North Carolina Division of Public Health reports that cancer is now the leading cause of death in North Carolina, displacing heart disease.

According to newly released 2009 statistics, cancer claimed the lives of 17,476 people last year while heart disease was responsible for 17,133 deaths.

“Cancer and heart disease have consistently ranked highest in their toll on the people of North Carolina,” State Health Director Jeff Engel said. “For the most part, these are preventable diseases, so we must continue to educate our citizens about lifestyle changes they can make to stay healthier.”

The most deadly cancers were lung and throat cancer, colorectal cancer and breast cancer, comprising 46 percent (8,076) of the total cancer deaths. More men (9,356) than women (8,120) died of cancer in 2009.

Heart disease remains the top killer among women.

For more information on the leading causes of death in North Carolina as well as specific breakdowns of top killers by age group, visit the State Center for Health Statistics website.

For information on cancer prevention and resources in our state, visit nccancer.com


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