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Up for a Vote HR 982 – My letter went something like this:

It may not be perfect, and it’s a little on the late-ish side, I just hope it conveys my message.

Good morning Congressman,

My name is Courtney Davis and I spoke to AJ yesterday about urging you to vote NO on H.R. 982 (Furthering Asbestos Claims Transparency Act). I am new to your district and wanted to follow up. I also wanted to say that despite my somewhat disjointed thoughts on the phone yesterday, AJ was very nice and I felt as though he was interested in passing along my concerns.

My father died last year as a result of asbestos poisoning. The 6 years he suffered with this disease (Mesothelioma) were unbearable. At first (2nd & 3rd) he was misdiagnosed, he almost died because of a small incision to his colon, and then continued to fight bravely for 5 more years to get funding, & more information to victims, caregivers and law makers about the devastating effects of asbestos.

My concerns with House Res 982 (FACT Act) are similar to my concerns w/ the new NC voting regulations. Yes, there may be 1 person out there trying to derail the system- isn’t there always, but that does not outweigh a person’s civil liberties. Both of these would restrict good people from getting their voices heard and ultimately discriminatory!

It was awful watching my dad waste away as he could not eat real food for the last year of his life because of multiple tumors in his abdomen. He was a marathon runner, who could no longer exercise. And we would frequently have to clean a stint in his belly that would get clogged w/ bile because his organs were no longer functioning properly because of a man-made-cancer.

 I say man-made because although these giant businesses knew asbestos was harmful, they continued to use it! It was up for a ban decades ago, but the Bill was voted down. We still have asbestos in our everyday lives: siding, brake pads, insulation, etc. Corporations knew asbestos was deadly and yet the industry hid the real facts and continued to put people, like my dad, at risk. And there are huge bills associated w/ treatment and there is no cure. This Resolution will put social security numbers on a list on a public website, delay possible compensation and basically tell the nation that Big Business means more than the little guy making things happen – and dying for working hard.

Thank you for your time. I sincerely look forward to living in your district!

For more information on the effects of asbestos go to:


Courtney Davis

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