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September 30, 2013 Leave a comment

I just want to take a moment to properly thank all the people who have donated to the Meso Foundation in my father’s name over the years. Well, I say “properly” but I don’t want to call them all out by name here and I should thank them all offline! I would like to also take a moment to mention the final 2 additions and the story that lead to the final $480 donation.

As many of you know September 26th is National Mesothelioma Awareness Day. It is marked by various ceremonies around the country, appearances on morning talk shows, and conferences held by people in the know. dyingtobeheard

I had a small wine tasting, hosted by a friend of mine, coincidentally on the eve of MAD. My friend knew that the charity I would pick would be intertwined w/ the Meso Foundation, whether is was Miles for Meso or direct to the Foundation. So in her Wines for Humanities interlude she brought up my charity and in the process reminded me of all the work so many others do day in and day out to help victims of Mesothelioma. One of the women in attendance was interested in donating to the cause, but not by buying wine. So I sent her the link to both my father’s Tribute Wall and to his original donation page,  to which she made a generous offering and I thank her very much. In addition, I decided to send out the link on my facebook page. From there I imagine I got the attention of a former Meso Foundation member, back in it’s California days, when Dad started his very first Miles for Meso event in South Florida. This person donated the outstanding balance! Her giving spirit has truly touched my heart and I cannot thank her enough. ~xoxo


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