Problems in Indiana!

Great job by Carrie Cline and the WTHR staff for this story (click on the photo to be directed to the video):

“It’s like putting a gun to your head.”


Miles for Meso 2012 Brings Those Impacted By Mesothelioma Together

Every year, Miles for Meso brings together mesothelioma survivors, individuals recently diagnosed, and family members of mesothelioma victims for a run and walk to raise awareness and research funding.

The Miles for Meso races have taken place in Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, Ohio, New York,  Washington, Missouri and Florida. Throughout the past four years, the races have raised over $250,000 in proceeds for the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding better treatments and a cure for this life-changing disease. The race is a fun, educational event for people of all ages and athletic capabilities.

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A short cut of Larry Davis’ Funeral for all of you who could not be there …

A slideshow in honor of my dad …

Another video from the fine folks at Sokolove Law:  2012 South Florida Miles For Meso

The 2010 Pitt to DC Meso Challenge: Frank Cavaluzzi Rides His Specialized Bike 320 Miles For Mesothelioma

Thank you to the Daily Show for giving some face-time to something people won’t/can’t/don’t talk about, and of course, doing it with humor (not often found with this subject)

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Simmons Law hosts 2nd Annual Miles For Meso in Alton, Illinois

Patients, victims and families charge Capital Hill looking for change … I followed Florida resident Larry Davis as he met with his legislators.

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