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Asbestos Victims Unite: “Out of the hottest fire comes the strongest steel”

June 2011: Linda and Larry at the MARF Symposium

June 2011: Linda and Larry at the MARF Symposium

I wanted to share two recent Facebook posts from Larry, one of the most courageous mesothelioma patients I have ever met during these past nine years.  The old Chinese Proverb must have written this for Larry and our ADAO family, “Out of the hottest fire comes the strongest steel.”  Larry, we all love you!   In unity, Linda Reinstein

*Note – the below are UNEDITED*

ADAO- is the World’s leading force on Banning Asbestos manufacturing and use in the USA- Eventually, Uncle Sam will realize USA has covered up and lied about how deadly Asbestos is. Pay off’s / corruption since 1928- must end now. Having ADAO is an inspiration to me. Please support the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization.  Also contact your Senators and Congressman to push for a Total Ban on Asbestos- It is so bad that Asbestos industry and insurers have even paid off a Member of our Supreme Court- It is not just a Democratic or Republican problem-Both Parties on the take. End result- more deaths and little research money for a cure.

Larry wrote: “Staying Mad at Uncle Sam is fueling my desire to beat Mesothelioma and deal with the endless amount of politicians that either don’t care or have taken trips and money from asbestos industry- The biggest fools have been University Professors that have been given money to write articles saying asbestos is safe- Chief Justice Stephen Breyer has written Mesothelioma victims are faking the disease- He leads the pack – HARVARD (Educated ) – Corrupted by Insurance money and false information- He is an embarrassment to our country and our hard working men and women.- Other folks that have shown arrogance and made no effort to help are Senator Joseph Lieberman CT and Sen. Bill Nelson FL- Both sent me the same form letter response to my plea for help. The letter must have been by the asbestos industry for them. The weakness in our Government shows more everyday- the corruption of power using $$$ is evident even to uneducated grunts like me. As a veteran I have contacted the American Legion Heads- They are just plan Stupid- don’t need any pay offs.”

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