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Asbestos Cancer Victims Rights Campaign:

My father is the feature story @ stolenfate2




As an avid runner, Florida resident Larry Davis was on top of his health. Having lost his father rather early in life due to smoking, Larry made it a point to take care of himself. He maintained a well-balanced diet throughout the years and ran 5K races regularly, a habit he developed in his early thirties. Despite his healthy lifestyle, Larry was diagnosed with mesothelioma at age 61.

Larry’s father worked at a paper company for 38 years. He remembered his dad coming home covered in a flaky residue, never thinking the innocuous looking particle would eventually become his enemy. He later found out it was asbestos, which has come to be known as the silent killer. “I was exposed from the time I was baby,” he said during a 2011 interview. It was a reality that sadly many other victims end up facing––a fate that was decided for them before they even had a say.

Like most of today’s population, Larry didn’t know about the dangers of asbestos until after he became a victim. He immediately began chemotherapy, losing almost 60 pounds in the first month. He underwent 5 surgeries and nearly died from multiple infections due to needing an ostomy bag for a year. There was even a six-month period where he waited for a surgery incision just to heal.

In the end, Larry came out on top.

READ THE REST HERE … and please check out the information regarding the proposed Asbestos FACT ACT legislation

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