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Meso Symposium 2013 LAS VEGAS

mesosymvegasYay! I’m heading to Vegas for the 2013 Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation’s Annual Symposium.

I haven’t been to the Symposium in two years. Not since my father was alive. Last year I had to cancel because it was looking as though my dad, Larry Davis, was deteriorating in health quite rapidly. I felt terrible, especially since I was hoping to help out behind the scenes, but in the end I knew it was the right call. He passed shortly before the event and I was in no position to attend in the weeks following his death. This year will be the first year in which I will go without him.


Larry Davis accepts the 2011 Meso Foundation “Volunteer of the Year” award

Two years ago my father was awarded the Meso Foundation’s 2011 “Volunteer of the Year” for his fundraising achievements. He had raised about $50,000 through his annual South Florida Mile For Meso road race and his online donation page. A few months later the law firm of Levy, Phillips and Konigsberg designated him the “Advocate of the Month” through their STOP MESOTHELIOMA campaign.

This year the Meso Foundation has announced an award in honor of my father’s accomplishments as a fundraiser, advocate and six year survivor. The Larry Davis Memorial Grant will go to Joost Hegmans, a Post-Doc researcher at the Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands. Hegmans’ work on determining the macrophage recruitment/polarization as a prognostic and therapeutic target and whether it can aid in/be a cure for malignant mesothelioma has impressed the Meso board so much that they’ve awarded the grant to him, in my father’s name.

My Aunt Marilyn (dad’s sister) and Uncle Paul (brother in-law) will join me at the Gala Dinner on Friday March 8th. We look forward to honoring my dad, as well as all the other people who have been involved in raising the more than $100,000 it takes to back new research … and hopefully, a cure.

Like my father said at the end of each email, “Believe in a Cure – Believe in Yourself”.

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