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Simmon’s M4M Donations

This is all very last minute, but I am going to try to run this year’s Mile For Meso Alton race. My father ran it last year and I’ve been invited to attend this year. As you read in my previous post, I’ve only just started running again. I know I can make it through, whether I run the whole 5K or not is an entirely different matter. Since I’ve been invited up, I’m now blaming my training and running this weekend on Mark M, Amy and the whole Simmons team. I hope I don’t embarrass myself.

When you sign up for the race a donations page is created. I realize that since my dad’s death at the beginning of July I’ve posted all kinds of places to give  to his scholarship and to his immunotherapy grant and so on. Well, here’s one more plea for funds … but this time it’s for me. I have 3 days before I run and I’d love to hear from you. There are different tiers to how fast I take on this race:

Walk $25

Jog $50

Run $100

Sprint $250

Burn Rubber $500

And let’s be honest, I have about 2 speeds. Like I told my dad as he was pulling away from me in our triathlon last year, “I have slow and a little bit faster’. (Keep in mind I waited on him to finish in the pool AND on our bikes so it was his duty to slow it down in the run!!)  There’s also an ‘Other’ category. Feel free to write me and tell me to skip, sing (no body wants that!), hop (I surely don’t want that!), charleston (dance moves) or whatever. You’ll have to post it on my facebook page or here on our AAAbestos page so I know what I’m supposed to do. I’ll try to take my phone and record your various requests, if there are any, and post them after completion.

No donation is too small and I will try to honor all requests as long as I’m not breaking an decency or legal laws.
See you in Alton!!

Donate here

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