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New Shoes

It’s been 75 days since my father died of complications as a result of Mesothelioma, a horrible disease caused by the body’s inability to protect itself from the harm of asbestos.

It had also been 75 days since I ran, a favorite pastime of my dad’s. In fact I’d even given away my running shoes. Dad had bought them for me a year before. We’d gone into Running Wild in Fort Lauderdale, FL  just before he’d brought me back to the airport after Thanksgiving. I’d run along side him in our Father’s Day triathlon in those shoes. I’d run in one of our favorite towns (Newport, RI) in those shoes and trained in those shoes. When he was gone, so were my shoes.

Here’s the trouble … dad loved when I ran. He especially loved that I started competing in triathlons. I’ve got one scheduled for October, which is ridiculously close. I’ve also been given the opportunity by the great folks at Simmons Law to head up to Alton, IL for their annual Miles for Meso race. Dad & his wife went last year. This year they’re going to say a few words to honor him. I’m super excited to be there for that, but I would like to run in their race too. Of course there’s still the no sneakers thing, until Sunday that was, when I finally bought a new pair.

my new asics

And then I ran. It’s a really strange feeling running. Running and being ridiculously out of shape (I hadn’t done anything since he died). Running and having new sneakers. But mostly running and not being able to call my dad and tell him I’m finally running again.

The good news is I am running again (and eating which is also helpful). The better news is I’ll be able to be with our friends

dad’s sneaks, a pic from our tri

who are also fighting the Meso battle with this trip to Alton. And the great news is that wherever dad is in the after-life, I’m hoping he’ll see that I didn’t give up and that I will keep running for him.

~Courtney A Davis

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