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iStand for Rose

I just wanted to take a moment before the final push to this year’s South Florida Miles for Meso event begins and recognize another person for his accomplishments. His name is Frank Cavaluzzi and not only has he helped me in bringing awareness to Mesothelioma by riding his standing cycle from Pittsburgh PA to Washington DC, but his generosity has brought him to a new doorstep … riding for Rose.

Frank’s most recent accomplishment, an 89 mile ride dedicated to Rose Mercuro. Rose is a 9 year old little girl suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. SMA affects nearly 1 in 6000 babies, prohibiting them from ever crawling & walking, let alone the running and jumping and exploring all able bodied children learn naturally.

To read more about Frank’s ride and his inspiration I invite you to go to his website and check out all the amazing things he does to help others.

Thank you Frank for all you do!

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