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The 2nd Annual SF Miles for Meso

Boca Raton, Florida February 11-13, 2011 – What an amazing weekend! I don’t know how else to sum up the event starting at the Boca Hotel & Resort all the way through the final evening’s dinner with the folks from Seeger Weiss.

The Welcome Party, hosted by the Wishing Well Pub, was a great place to have a glass of wine and enjoy the company of friends and colleagues. Discussions and introductions ranging from athletes to authors and on to sponsors and supporters of Mesothelioma and those suffering from it were everywhere. Friends were made and bonds were strengthened by folks coming together in hopes of finding a cure for Meso.

Saturday night was the Celebration of Life forum with keynote speaker Dr. Richard Alexander. He spoke to a number of points in regards to Mesothelioma and the urgency of finding relief for this condition. The most memorable to me was when he mentioned just how important events like ours are. The video above talks about that more.

And of course Sunday’s event, the 2nd running of the South Florida Miles For Meso, was even better than last year! This year more people ventured out to our little race and more donations were  made than ever before. Thanks, in large part, to our main sponsors Simmons Law, Sokolove Law and Seeger Weiss. And certainly helped along by warmer weather.

Thank you all for your participation. There is a huge list of folks who made this whole event possible starting with the Boca Raton Road Runners and ending with each and every one of our readers here. Your generosity is deeply appreciated by me and my family. Thank you all again and again.

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